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Active vs Passive Investing – Fight!

This post originally appeared on February 27, 2023 Panel Introduction: I was fortunate enough to be one of the speakers at last week’s Strategic Investment Symposium at the College of Charleston. Mark Pyles is running a fantastic program there and the students I met are being well-prepared. My segment was called “Products vs Ingredients” and … Read more

Bifurcated Inflation – What if Everyone is Wrong – Part II

This post originally appeared on February 24, 2023 Introduction: This is Part II of a multi-part piece. Part I is available here. There is a lot of talk on FinTwit (financial Twitter) that the Federal Reserve has access to more data than we do. The implication is that because they have all of this information, … Read more

Japan – Has the Forecast Changed

  This post originally appeared on February 16, 2023 Mark Rossano and I predicted the problems at the Bank of Japan two months before they capitulated and raised rates. The New York Alternative Investment Roundtable hosted us today to see what we thought has changed since then. You can see the whole video here: … Read more

Energy Portfolio Update

I’ve made a couple of changes to the energy positions. For an updated version for subscribers, please check here:

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