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DKI Featured on Lead Lag Report

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending an hour talking to Michael Gayed of the Lead Lag Report about Counter-Intuitive Inflation. You can check out the episode here:

DKI Featured on Complete Intelligence

I had the pleasure of being hosted by Tony Nash of Complete Intelligence along with Tracy Shuchart and David Cervantes. We cover a lot of ground regarding the macro situation, housing, and food-related commodities. You can check it out here:

Webinar with Mish Shedlock Now Available

Gary Brode talks with Deep Knowledge Investing Board of Advisors member, Mish Shedlock. We discuss: – Predictions for Federal Reserve Rate Hikes – Whether the US in recession right now – A potential BRICS competitor to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency – The real estate market and why commercial and residential are heading … Read more

July Subscriber Meeting Video Now Available

Here’s the video from last week’s July subscriber meeting with Chris Bell and James Davolos.  We have Mish Shedlock lined up for August with a long list of important macro topics to discuss. If you’d like to be able to ask questions on the call, watch it live, and have access to the video a … Read more

Cybersecurity Hot Topics

Earlier this month, Barron’s published an article titled “How Insurers Play a Big Role in Spurring Cybercrime” explaining that “organizations with cyberinsurance are more than twice as likely to pay ransoms as those without”. Today, the Wall Street Journal published a piece titled “Ransomware Gang Masquerades as Real Company to Recruit Tech Talent” detailing how … Read more

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