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Yahoo Finance Gets it Right on S&P 500 Earnings

Last week, in an article titled “One Way or Another, We’re Going to End Up in the Same Place“, we wrote that we expected the Federal Reserve rate hikes to work and in the process, cause a further slowdown in economic growth.  Deep Knowledge Investing has said and written since February that the US economy … Read more

More Ineffective Russian Sanctions

Back in April, we wrote that, “our wish for the Ukrainian people is for peace, prosperity, and self-determination.”  We also wrote that the existing anti-Russian sanctions were ineffective, were reducing the value of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and are hurting American citizens.  Today, Barron’s reported the G-7 was adding to the sanctions … Read more

The Depth Report – The Reasons Sell-Side Research is Hopelessly Behind

Overview: We’ve had some fun lately at the expense of Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, who kept interest rates at zero for far too long and insisted that inflation would be “transitory” well past the point when Deep Knowledge Investing was warning it represented a real and persistent problem.  Then, we took note of “Hurricane” … Read more

The Depth Report – A Basic Guide to Hedging for the Amateur/Intermediate Investor

Overview: We’ve been getting a lot of important questions recently from amateur investors regarding some of the more advanced topics we discuss at Deep Knowledge Investing.  Many people have been taught about things like diversification and dollar cost averaging, but don’t really understand things like hedging, offsetting different kinds of risk, or shorting stocks.  That’s … Read more

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