Recent and Upcoming Media Appearances

It’s been a busy few weeks for speaking engagements.  For those of you who aren’t tired of the sound of my voice, here are links to some recent and upcoming events.  Everything being discussed is fully explored first in the premium posts on this site, but everyone learns differently.  I like to read.  However, most … Read more

The Depth Report – A Better Way to Think About Trading and Investing

Introduction: I got a great question from a new subscriber last week.  He wanted to know if I thought he should buy the stocks currently on the DKI recommended list, or if some of the positions that had big profits should be considered a “hold”.  It’s common for large investment firms to hire performance psychologists.  … Read more

Fed Raises Another 75bp – Still no “Pivot”

We’ve spent the better part of the last few weeks hearing from the “pivot” people.  These are the market participants who have been advocating for, hoping and praying for, and betting on a Federal Reserve pivot.  An astute reader recently pointed out that the definition of the Fed pivot has shifted from reducing interest rates … Read more