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Fed Holds Firm – Plus, Higher for Longer

This piece was originally published on September 20th, 2023. The Federal Reserve completed their September meeting and as expected, kept the fed funds rate unchanged. The “surprise” was in the dot plot. The dot plot is where each Fed Governor indicates where they expect rates to be at various points in the future. It further … Read more

Boredom Can Be Great

When I started Deep Knowledge Investing, I received a lot of questions about the number of ideas subscribers would get. In 2020, there were a ton of them as we played the recovery trade. We bought cruise lines, casinos, banks, and other stocks that had gotten crushed during the Covid lockdowns. The next year we … Read more

Portfolio Update – It’s Not Disinflation

Normally, I don’t provide updates on daily market action, but there’s something important happening today. Saudi Arabia and Russia have extended production cuts for several additional months. The US has tried to buy a tiny amount of oil to begin to replenish the strategic petroleum reserve (SPR), but that keeps pushing oil prices higher. Oil … Read more

Powell Stays on Message

This piece was originally published on August 25th, 2023. Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, spoke in Jackson Hole today. Here are my notes on the speech with some additional commentary: Quickly said there’s a “long way to go” to get inflation under control. (DKI:  He’s telling investors the “pivot” to lower rates isn’t coming anytime soon.) … Read more

How to Use the Current Recommendations Page

How to Use the Current Recommendations Page   One of my favorite parts of running Deep Knowledge Investing is the interactions I have with our subscribers. I tend to get thoughtful questions that serve as a guide for how I can better communicate investment ideas to the community here. A new subscriber had some questions … Read more

The Reserve Currency Status is Going to Be a Problem

This post originally appeared on April 24, 2023. Introduction: DKI has been writing about the danger to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency for over a year and on more than a dozen occasions. From a piece we published earlier this month: Most notably, I gave an hour-long lecture at the Institute for World … Read more

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