Deep Knowledge Investing in Inside Asian Gaming

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve read Inside Asian Gaming every night for the past 8 years.  It’s the best publication available to keep up with the largest gaming market in the world.  Today, we’re pleased to announce that Deep Knowledge Investing has its own mention in the Macau Gaming paper of record. Please check out … Read more

New Webinar – Andrew Scott of Inside Asian Gaming on The Macau Gaming Law

We’re excited to welcome Andrew Scott, the CEO of Inside Asian Gaming, for a webinar titled: Where to Now for the Macau Gaming Industry The new Macau gaming law and its commercial implications How the concession tender process will play out in 2022 H2 Mainland China’s Macau posture and its impact on the market I’ve … Read more Interviews DKI on Oil, Gold, Fx, and Portfolio Hedging

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My Ravn of interviews Gary Brode of Deep Knowledge Investing on oil, gold, currency, and portfolio hedging.  We’d like to thank My, the community, and our Norwegian friends who joined us for this interesting webinar on current market issues.

More Ineffective Russian Sanctions

Back in April, we wrote that, “our wish for the Ukrainian people is for peace, prosperity, and self-determination.”  We also wrote that the existing anti-Russian sanctions were ineffective, were reducing the value of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and are hurting American citizens.  Today, Barron’s reported the G-7 was adding to the sanctions … Read more

Are Stablecoins Going to Destroy the Cryptocurrency Market (and What’s a Stablecoin Anyway)?

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Gary Brode of Deep Knowledge Investing interviews Mitchell Nicholson of Garden City Advisory on Stablecoins: Confused about recent developments with Terra, Tether, and Luna? Worried that problems with some stablecoins will take down the cryptocurrency market? Just want to know what a stablecoin is and why you keep hearing about them? Accessible to beginners. Helpful … Read more

All the news is bad. Why do the markets keep going up?

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A discussion between Gary Brode of Deep Knowledge Investing and Raji Khabbaz of ArcanX covering: All the news is bad. Why do the markets keep going up? Is the Russian response to sanctions effective and what does it mean for the dollar in the future? What economic indicators are we watching now? What are we … Read more

An International Economist’s View of Russian Sanctions

We cover topics including the effect of the sanctions, the implications for western investment, and what the next round of sanctions will look like. Nick Korzhenevsky has a background in data analytics, portfolio management, and in speaking about economics on television. He escaped Russia very recently and has thoughtful and provocative views on the entire conflict. … Read more

Webinar – All the news is bad. Why do the markets keep going up?

Webinar – All the news is bad. Why do the markets keep going up? A conversation with Gary Brode and Raji Khabbaz (Portfolio Manager of ArcanX, Member of the Deep Knowledge Investing Board of Advisors) Monday, April 4th at 4:30 Eastern Free but registration required: