Guest Post – Putting Today’s Interest Rates in Perspective – by Ryan Sullivan

I’m pleased to provide a guest post from Ryan Sullivan. Ryan began his career as an engineer, and recently started his own financial advisory practice. In my conversations with him, I was impressed with his knowledge of investing and his desire to try to help his clients outperform. Many financial planners spend all of their … Read more

Guest Post – Family Offices, Relationships, and Succession

At Deep Knowledge Investing, we focus on helping you earn higher risk-adjusted returns. It’s our job to help you make more money to support whatever goals you have. Today, we’re featuring a guest post to address the crucial issue of how to communicate with family members about what will happen when you are ready to … Read more

What Does the Surge in Consumer Credit Say About the Economy?

I’m pleased to announce that this week, acclaimed economics writer, Mish Shedlock, has joined the Deep Knowledge Investing Board of Advisors. Mish is a great thinker, detailed researcher, and clear writer. He’s offered DKI readers this guest post detailing the recent increase in consumer credit usage. His commentary on the beginning of a decline in … Read more

Guest Post – Surreal Estate – Tales from the Front

Great guest post today from DKI Board of Advisors member Howard Freedland.  He’s been working in the residential and commercial real estate space in the ultra-hot West Palm Beach, FL market.  That market has seen some of the biggest excesses of the Covid-real estate era, and as we predicted several months ago, it’s all starting … Read more

Special Guest Post – How the Petrodollar System Restored, Then Ruined, America’s Economy

Tree of Woe does the kind of deep-dive analysis that gets our attention here at Deep Knowledge Investing, and also has the funniest subscription page I’ve ever seen actually offering “moments of true woe and deep despair”.  The recent “Running on Empty” series exploring the origins and effect of the petrodollar system is the best … Read more

Guest Post – The #1 Lesson From Bank Account Seizures in Canada… Do This Before It’s Too Late

We’re pleased to present a guest post from Nick Giambruno of International Man.  We wanted to highlight Nick’s fantastic work for two reasons.  First, like us, he sees Bitcoin as a solution to a lot of problems that exist in the current banking system.  Second, Nick believes that “the politicization of money is an urgent … Read more