Portfolio Update – A Rumor on Two Names

Deep Knowledge Investing originally recommended buying Bitcoin and the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ($GBTC) in late 2020 when Bitcoin was around half the current price. In June, when Blackrock, Fidelity, and several other huge institutional firms filed for Bitcoin ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), we bought more $GBTC and re-recommended the position.   Our thinking on that … Read more

People are Dismissing a Potential BRICS Currency too Quickly

This is an excerpt from the DKI July letter:   There’s a big argument happening in the financial community right now regarding the status of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are expanding their coalition which now includes more than half the population of … Read more

Big Institutional Firms File for Bitcoin ETF

This is an excerpt from the DKI July letter:   When DKI recommended buying Bitcoin a couple of years ago at half the current price in dollars, part of our thesis was the coming institutional acceptance of the asset. We hypothesized that even small percentage allocations from firms managing trillions of dollars would overwhelm Bitcoin … Read more

Reminder for Tomorrow’s DKI Webinar

This is a reminder for tomorrow’s subscriber’s-only webinar with me, Chris Bell (DKI Board of Advisors and National Sales Manager for Horizon Kinetics), and James Davolos (Star portfolio manager for the Horizon Kinetics’ Inflation Beneficiaries Fund). We’ll be covering inflation, the economy, the stock market, and Bitcoin. I’ve also just gotten a couple of questions … Read more

Two Quick Notes on Today’s Trading

Today, Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell spoke to Congress. In his remarks, Powell made it clear that the Fed is likely to hike rates again this year and that he is committed to reducing inflation to the 2% target. He also reiterated that despite the recent declines in the rate of inflation, it’s not even … Read more

Not Your Bitcoin Keys – Not Your Coins – What to Do

A couple of months ago, I posted a detailed thread showing you how to self-custody your Bitcoin.  This is important due to (reasonable) declining trust in the exchanges.  At the time, I put up a link on the blog, but for those of you who don’t use Twitter, the attached PDF has all the details … Read more

How to Self-Custody Bitcoin

At this point, most of you have read about the issues in the crypto-exchange world.  We saw the collapse of the algorithmic stablecoins last spring which we addressed here.  The big recent news is the sudden implosion of FTX, the failed exchange that is heading for bankruptcy and loss of most/all customer assets. People are … Read more

S&P Global Market Intelligence – The Future of Regulatory Compliance

Hi All, I’ll be presenting on a panel at this week’s S&P Global Conference called “The Future of Regulatory Compliance”.  We’ll be talking about regulations for cryptocurrencies.  My fellow panelists work for large firms and want the US to have a regulatory framework so their firms know what they can and can’t do.  They also … Read more