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The Depth Report – Anthem and the Double Black Swan

Overview: During the first few weeks in February, we had an interesting debate with a friend on the topic of Anthem, Inc. (ticker: ANTM), the giant health insurance company. Our friend does high-quality research, and is a great stock-picker. We’ve debated stocks for years, and while we usually come to a resolution, we were unable … Read more

The Depth Report – Net Short

Overview: Two weeks ago, we revisited our Royal Caribbean thesis in relation to our initial corona virus projections. In that piece, we acknowledged that the virus outbreak has been worse than we had expected and that we were too quick to dismiss the “breathless conspiracy theory” that the virus had been engineered in a Wuhan … Read more

The Depth Report – Coronavirus – Truth, Rumors, Lies, and the Market

Overview: Last week, we updated you about the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). We considered the possibility that China was under-reporting cases, and that travel-related companies were “going to offer abysmal guidance for the first quarter”. While we continue to believe that the virus will burn itself out, because we didn’t believe that all the bad … Read more

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