The Depth Report – Enova International (ENVA) – Tested in Bad Times with Great Risk/Reward

Overview: Enova International (Ticker: ENVA) is a specialty finance/fintech company that provides short-term loans in the non-prime space; typically, sub-prime and near-prime. Customers include the large and growing number of consumers and small businesses who have bank accounts, but use alternative financial services because of their limited access to more traditional credit from banks, credit…...

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TERRA STORIES Impact Investing Series, Ep 6 Wellness Focus Nightfood

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Host Gary Brode of Deep Knowledge Investing interviews Sean Folkson, CEO of Nightfood, an innovative sleep-friendly ice cream. The discussion focuses on Sean’s inspiration, the demonstrated connection between sleep and our health, as well as an exploration of this growing product space.

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Producer: Ann Volkwein
Editor: Eliot Korb