WSJ – Some Professional Degrees Leave Students With High Debt but Without High Salaries

DKI has written extensively about the need for college students to consider cost, debt, and return on investment for their education. Great piece in today’s WSJ talking about the debt burden on some students, how that creates under-served communities, and eventually creates a burden on the taxpayer:  

Depth Check – Coursera (COUR) – Chegg’s Problems Aren’t an Issue for Coursera

Overview: Last week, Coursera’s (ticker: COUR) stock dropped greater than 15% over a few days due to poor 3Q results and weak guidance from Chegg (ticker: CHGG).  We’ll go over why the Chegg results aren’t relevant for Coursera and provide detail on Coursera’s 3Q results with an emphasis on how closely they match our thesis…...

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Yet again, universities overcharge students for low-value degrees

Great article in today’s WSJ highlighting USC’s tactic of heavily marketing a $115,000 online degree with low post-graduate salaries. 1) One reason we favor $COUR is they are driving costs down for students including online degree students. 2) Students should start to consider return on investment before entering a program. Cost, degree, school, and salary … Read more

Deep Knowledge Investing Interviewed on Class Futures Podcast

I’d like to thank Jonathan Lloyd for having me on his podcast to discuss online education. Great conversation about Coursera, 2U, and the future of educational opportunities. Please feel free to check it out here: #education#podcast#onlineeducation#onlineeducationplatform $COUR $TWOU

The Depth Report – Online Education – The Institutional Problem

Robert Scott, the President Emeritus of Adelphi University published an article linking to our work where he claimed that tuition costs, poor return on investment, and student debt are not valid concerns for students considering online vs on-campus study. This is a topic that deserves national discussion and debate. In an extensively researched piece, we … Read more

Deep Knowledge Investing Featured on Chinese Media

We’d like to thank Jia Guo of Stansberry China for working with us on this week’s piece on online education and Coursera. Jia, it was such a pleasure working with you, and we look forward to creating lots of great stock-related content with you in the future. Thanks to Stansberry China and Jia for a … Read more

Coursera (COUR) and 2U (TWOU) Further Confirmation of Thesis and Answers to Good Questions

Overview: Last week, we published a comprehensive report on Online Education focusing in particular on the positive investment case for Coursera (ticker: COUR). We’re pleased to relay that the piece has received tens of thousands of views on LinkedIn and was the subject of an hour-long interview on RealVision. More podcasts and media interviews are … Read more