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Guest Post – Family Offices, Relationships, and Succession

At Deep Knowledge Investing, we focus on helping you earn higher risk-adjusted returns. It’s our job to help you make more money to support whatever goals you have. Today, we’re featuring a guest post to address the crucial issue of how to communicate with family members about what will happen when you are ready to … Read more

5 Things to Know in Investing This Week – June 23rd, 2023

The Higher for Longer and Jerome’s not Kidding Issue Jerome Powell tells the “pivot people” higher for longer. We’ve been seeing inconsistent economic data turning more negative. DKI Board Member Mish Shedlock illustrates this point and Michael Gayed warns about the possibility of another round of stagflation. DKI agrees with both of them. Charlie Biello … Read more

Two Quick Notes on Today’s Trading

Today, Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell spoke to Congress. In his remarks, Powell made it clear that the Fed is likely to hike rates again this year and that he is committed to reducing inflation to the 2% target. He also reiterated that despite the recent declines in the rate of inflation, it’s not even … Read more

5 Things to Know in Investing This Week – June 16th, 2023

The “Pause” Issue New CPI is lower, unless you count Core CPI which is sticky. Fed “pauses”, but raises rate target for the year and pours cold water on the “pivot” soon crowd. The $ATVI / $MSFT deal faces further hurdles. And the yield curve continues to indicate a coming recession. We also congratulate DKI … Read more

Is Jerome Powell Destroying the Economy?

Here’s a little Twitter fun from last week. Original piece is here: Is Jerome Powell destroying the economy? For 2 years, DKI has been critical of the Fed for being too slow to raise rates. We also agree with FinTwit stars like @RudyHavenstein, @saifedean, @stackhodler, & @macrojack21 that we should #EndTheFed. But it’s not all … Read more

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