Guest Post – Putting Today’s Interest Rates in Perspective – by Ryan Sullivan

I’m pleased to provide a guest post from Ryan Sullivan. Ryan began his career as an engineer, and recently started his own financial advisory practice. In my conversations with him, I was impressed with his knowledge of investing and his desire to try to help his clients outperform. Many financial planners spend all of their … Read more

Powell Stays on Message

This piece was originally published on August 25th, 2023. Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, spoke in Jackson Hole today. Here are my notes on the speech with some additional commentary: Quickly said there’s a “long way to go” to get inflation under control. (DKI:  He’s telling investors the “pivot” to lower rates isn’t coming anytime soon.) … Read more

Higher for Longer – Again

This piece was originally published on August 16th, 2023. Earlier this week, we got retail sales data indicating the US consumer continues to spend without pause. Today, we got to see the minutes from the most recent Federal Reserve meeting where they wrote: “With inflation still well above the Committee’s longer-run goal and the labor … Read more

Webinar with Mish Shedlock Now Available

Gary Brode talks with Deep Knowledge Investing Board of Advisors member, Mish Shedlock. We discuss: – Predictions for Federal Reserve Rate Hikes – Whether the US in recession right now – A potential BRICS competitor to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency – The real estate market and why commercial and residential are heading … Read more