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Howard Freedland

Howard Freedland

Real Estate and Wine & Spirits Advisor, Editor

Howard Freedland, after spending 25 years in wine and spirits retail, distribution and brokering was invited to work with a boutique real estate brokerage located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Echo Fine Properties, a four time best brokerage in Palm Beach County per the Palm Beach Post, is home to 100 agents. There, Howard earned the opportunity to develop Echo’s first commercial division.

As Director of Commercial Sales, Howard has worked with companies like Gerber Auto Collision, Anheuser-Busch and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to name a few. His team has amassed a portfolio of valuable off-market opportunities and develops deals through all of Florida.

Howard has written and produced educational videos on real estate and has had his writing published by DKI. With Gary Brode, he produced a webinar which correctly projected where interest rates were heading in 2023, and has been in front of much of the volatility in the real estate world during the past 24 months.

Howard is also the author of The Grape Stomp: An Informational Digestif for a Pretentious Wine World. This is a collection of short stories that re-live two years' worth of weekly three-minute radio broadcasts that he put together for his program called "Grape Stomp."

Howard has taught Okinawan Shorin-Ryu since 2010, and holds the rank of third degree black belt. He also serves as the editor of DKI’s monthly letter and blog.

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