The Cause of Inflation

This post originally appeared on April 12, 2023. DKI has written constantly about inflation since November of 2021 when we warned that it was going to be a bigger and more persistent problem than most people thought. We also provided practical specific ideas for how to protect your portfolio. By January of 2022, we were … Read more

Market Reaction to Friday’s PCE Report May Have Been Wrong

This post originally appeared on April 2, 2023 PCE Rockets Market: On Friday, we got the new PCE report. That stands for Personal Consumption Expenditures and it’s the preferred measure of inflation for the Federal Reserve. While it doesn’t get the same attention as the Consumer Price Index (CPI), it’s probably more important in determining … Read more

DKI Featured on YourFinanceTV

Gary Brode and Mark Rossano look at what now for the fed after last week’s rate decision. Is contagion just going to be limited to US banks or could the demise of Credit Suisse just be the tip of the iceberg and they look at the possibility of other industries and companies that could have … Read more