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The Cause of Inflation

This post originally appeared on April 12, 2023. DKI has written constantly about inflation since November of 2021 when we warned that it was going to be a bigger and more persistent problem than most people thought. We also provided practical specific ideas for how to protect your portfolio. By January of 2022, we were … Read more

5 Things to Know in Investing This Week – April 7th, 2023

Are We Turning the Corner Yet? Well, it’s Complicated. I’d like to start this week’s “5 Things” with a personal note. DKI intern, Dylan Kogan, will be moving on to focus on final exams and his first big post-graduation job. (100% success rate for DKI interns!) He started by helping with the “5 Things” graphs … Read more

The Petrodollar is Dying

This post originally appeared on April 6, 2023 DKI has covered the decline of the petrodollar more than a dozen times in the last year. Most notably, I gave an hour-long lecture at the Institute for World Politics explaining how the anti-Russian sanctions were not hurting the Russians; but rather, destroying the value of the … Read more

Barron’s Has No Idea What’s Going On – And Gold

This post originally appeared on April 4, 2023 Apologies – this post was written on April 4. I just realized today that I hit the “save draft” button instead of publishing. As a result, the post is late and out of order. DKI regrets the error. I’m normally a big fan of Barron’s. Their analysis … Read more

Notes on Today’s Trading

This post originally appeared on April 3, 2023 Market Giving Up Friday’s Gains: Yesterday, we published a piece concluding that the market may have misinterpreted Friday’s PCE report. The NASDAQ, which is more sensitive to interest rate changes than other major indexes, has given up half of Friday’s gains as of the time of this … Read more

Market Reaction to Friday’s PCE Report May Have Been Wrong

This post originally appeared on April 2, 2023 PCE Rockets Market: On Friday, we got the new PCE report. That stands for Personal Consumption Expenditures and it’s the preferred measure of inflation for the Federal Reserve. While it doesn’t get the same attention as the Consumer Price Index (CPI), it’s probably more important in determining … Read more

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