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The Depth Report – Update on the Market, the Economy, and the Fed – Part III

Introduction: In Part I and Part II, we covered several aspects of Inflation/CPI.  It’s the single most important financial issue for 2022 so we explored the topic in depth.  Cutting to the end, a combination of higher interest rates, comparisons with last year’s high CPI, and falling real estate and auto prices will ensure the … Read more

Japanese Debt – We’re Taking a Victory Lap

We told you last night that Japan was throwing in the towel on its (approximately) zero interest rates and was raising rates to defend the yen.  I read today that earlier this month, Morgan Stanley had predicted that Japan would hold the line on its debt through all of 2023.  While it’s hard to make … Read more

Japan Throwing in the Towel – Changes Policy

The Bank of Japan just changed its policy on interest rates.  The institution is using careful language, but we’re going to shortcut it for you here.  They’re raising interest rates in order to defend the yen.  The BoJ had previously held the line on negative/zero interest rates which was hurting the value of the yen, … Read more

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