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Mastering the Fundamentals of Strategic Geopolitical Risk Analysis

Deep Knowledge Investing is pleased to announce that Heather Heldman, Founder of Luminae Group, and member of the DKI Board of Advisors, is teaching a course called “Mastering the Fundamentals of Strategic Geopolitical Risk Analysis”.  As a courtesy for DKI readers, Luminae is offering the class to you at a 33% discount.  I’m already registered.  If you’d like to join me in learning more about this crucial and current topic, you can register here:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am pleased to offer you a special invitation to register for Luminae Group’s first online course Mastering the Fundamentals of Strategic Geopolitical Risk Analysis, our foundational course on qualitative geopolitical analysis and strategic decision making.

Mastering the Fundamentals of Strategic Geopolitical Risk Analysis will be offered live starting August 1, 2022. This course is not yet available to the public; it is only available to a select group of private sector and government professionals. However, because of your connection to Deep Knowledge Investing, you may take advantage of this exclusive opportunity by registering through this email.

What to Expect

In this course, we will explore the current global geopolitical landscape and examine the trends and themes that are shaping, and that will continue to shape, international relations, international business, conflict, health, and a host of other aspects of human development in the coming decades. You will learn how to conduct qualitative geopolitical analysis that will enable you to make predictions about the geopolitical risks your organization may face in the future and factor those predictions into broader strategic planning and decision making.

Overall, you should develop skills that will enable you to be a better analyst and a more effective thought leader within your organization, be that in government or in the private sector.


Course Objectives

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key influencers – in terms of individuals, nations, and issues – driving social and economic change in each region of the world
  • Make critical connections between each of these influencers and your professional or academic portfolio, broadening your ability to perform forward looking geopolitical analysis
  • Understand the impact of geopolitical issues on macro-level economic development
  • Develop robust qualitative research and analysis skills necessary to provide critical context to widely available quantitative data sets


Who Should Enroll

  • Corporate and investment professionals
  • Government professionals
  • International organization and NGO professionals
  • Military professionals
  • Intelligence professionals
  • Risk management professionals, including insurance industry professionals
  • Graduate students and exceptional undergraduate students pursuing coursework related to national security and foreign policy

For early and mid-career professionals, this course is designed to help strengthen your understanding of the most pressing geopolitical challenges facing the US today and master the fundamentals of conducting qualitative geopolitical risk analysis.

For senior professionals, this course is designed to help ensure that your organization is employing geopolitical risk mitigation resources effectively and efficiently by going back to the basics, laying a foundation for implementing strategic long term planning.


Course Format

This eight week course will be held entirely online. The content is self-paced.

Course content will be released each week, on Monday morning EST. Each week, you may watch the videos and tackle any recommended additional reading at your own convenience, and at a pace that will allow you to digest the material in a thoughtful manner. At the beginning of week seven, the capstone exercise will be introduced.

You will have access to your instructors each week during “Office Hours” live on Zoom.

Students who successfully complete all course modules and the capstone exercise will receive a professional Certificate of Achievement.


Date and Time

Your electronic classroom opens on Monday, August 1st, and the course will run through Monday, September 26th.


Through this post, the August 1, 2022 live session of the course is available for the discounted price of $1,650.

Future sessions of the course through 2023 will cost $2,450 for professionals and $2,150 for students.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer by registering today! Registration closes August 1, 2022.

Reserve your spot here:

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