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Yet Another Reason You Shouldn’t Trust Sell-Side Research

Please feel free to check out today’s Twitter thread on sell-side research which touches on predictions for 2023 made here at DKI.  The key point is that big bank economists are predicting a recession while the “analysts” at those same big banks are projecting earnings and revenue growth for the S&P 500 this year.  If the US has a recession, the earnings and revenue of 500 of its largest most economically-sensitive companies aren’t going to rise.  As we pointed out in our year end update, analysts are waiting for companies to lower guidance before reducing estimates.

At that point, you can get that news from the Wall Street Journal for a fraction of the price.  The value of independent research is that our only concern is to help you make money.  We give no thought to whether the companies we write about will like what we write or want to do business with our investment banking department because we don’t have an investment banking department.

These firms should be embarrassed.  Here’s our commitment to you:   DKI will never put any other interest ahead of helping our subscribers and clients make money.  We won’t always be right, but we’ll never be conflicted.

If you want more detail on the topic, there’s more here.


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