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DKI Webinar on Israel, Hamas, and National Security with Heather Heldman and Dr John Lenczowski

Heather Heldman is a Managing Partner at Luminae Group LLC with expertise in the Middle East, terrorism, and international law. She previously worked in the US State Department and at the Hague.

Dr. John Lenczowski is the Founder and President Emeritus of the Institute of World Politics, a graduate school of national security and international affairs. He previously worked in the White House as a member of the National Security Council and principal Soviet affairs advisor to President Reagan.

We’ll be discussing important international security issues including:

  • The Hamas attack on Israel.
  • The possible involvement of Iran.
  • The implications for Ukraine/Russia.
  • The implications for Taiwan/China.
  • US policy response options and national security implications.

Due to the important nature of these topics, we will make this webinar open to the public. I wish to thank Dr. John Lenczowski and Heather Heldman for ensuring that DKI has the best possible international policy and national security analysis on the Board of Advisors.

1 thought on “DKI Webinar on Israel, Hamas, and National Security with Heather Heldman and Dr John Lenczowski”

  1. Very interesting. John did an excellent job dissecting this. I meet with a group of Jews via zoom and most see this as a world embraced attack on the Jews. In a way this is very true. What we are seeing is a rise in Nazism linked with the communist left. Stalin told Hitler that the Nazis had a better system than his. China, Europe and the US are all deep in national socialism and now moving further toward the antisemitism of the Nazi. After the war (WWII) many of the Nazi leaders migrated to the Middle East and married into the Islamics. As for this war with Israel it is based in China, Russia and Iran. The goal is to eventually take all of Israel for themselves with its oil and gas. Off the cost of Gaza is the world’s largest gas and oil reserves and they intend to take it along with Saudi Arabia’s oil.
    The excuse of the left is the Palestinians, but they could care less about them. John was right, moderate and those wanting to negotiate with Israel are killed or intimidated by HAMAS. I remember, during Reagan’s presidency, seeing a bridge in GAZA with 6 or 7 Palestinians hanging in soluette from the bridge as a warning to the moderates to keep quiet. We are all in danger–Jews and Christians–all religious people. The new Nazi/leftist coalition does not tolerate a split in allegiance–to them the state is God. Edwin Black wrote several books on this rise in the Nazi state as did Barry Rubin and Wolfgang Schwanitz.


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