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DKI Webinar on Israel, Hamas, and National Security with Heather Heldman and Dr John Lenczowski

Heather Heldman is a Managing Partner at Luminae Group LLC with expertise in the Middle East, terrorism, and international law. She previously worked in the US State Department and at the Hague. Dr. John Lenczowski is the Founder and President Emeritus of the Institute of World Politics, a graduate school of national security and international affairs. He … Read more

A Nuanced View on the Strategic Implications of Speaker Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan

Introduction: One of the best parts of running Deep Knowledge Investing is my interactions with the Board of Advisors.  It’s a remarkable group of people with a wide range of high-level specific expertise.  DKI is set up to foster discussion and debate on all issues, and even college interns are encouraged to advocate for their … Read more

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