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Earlier this month, Barron’s published an article titled “How Insurers Play a Big Role in Spurring Cybercrime” explaining that “organizations with cyberinsurance are more than twice as likely to pay ransoms as those without”. Today, the Wall Street Journal published a piece titled “Ransomware Gang Masquerades as Real Company to Recruit Tech Talent” detailing how a cybercrime group is recruiting “employees” for a scheme similar to that described by John Grisham in his book The Firm.
Cybercrime is a growing problem that even small organizations need to prepare to defend. Deep Knowledge Investing would like to thank Tito Pombra (Outsource Chief Compliance Officer), Anand Mohabir (Cybersecurity Professional and Ethical Hacker), and Enrique Alvarez (Special Agent, FBI Cyber Branch) for participating in yesterday’s fascinating webinar on how to protect yourself, your firm, and your clients from cybercrime, and what to do if you are the victim of a cybercrime. Each of them represents an excellent resource and first line of defense.
Replay is available to Deep Knowledge Investing subscribers who are US Citizens or legal permanent residents. We can not post the video due to FBI regulations. And thank you to the many members of the audience who asked excellent questions.

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