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Hi All,

While I travel extensively, I haven’t taken two days off in a row since starting DKI four years ago. All of us need a chance to rest and recharge and doing so will leave me in a better position to be effective going into 2024. I’m going to take off a couple of weeks at the end of December / beginning of January when the news flow will be light.

Don’t worry about existing positions. I will be able to keep up with news and stock prices, and if there is something significant happening in one of the names on the Current Recommendations page, I’ll know about it and will get a post up here. Absent unusual stock trading or some sort of emergency, expect a couple of weeks without blog posts.

For subscribers, if you have a problem with your account or there’s something where you need assistance, reach out at I’ll check in once a day and we’ll be able to ensure you get the customer service you’re accustomed to here.

Regarding the new research position I mentioned last week, I’m already getting great questions and interesting pieces of information from the DKI community. This is now the first time we’ve crowd-sourced researching a stock idea, and I’m continually impressed with the quality of questions and comments I receive. Research is ongoing and I’m pleased with the incremental information I’ve uncovered so far.

There won’t be a full writeup available on the name until later in January. I will not be speaking in public about the stock until our premium subscribers have a chance to review the report, and decide if they want to take a position or not.

Finally, thanks to Robb and Kashif of Flying V Group, we now have the ability to push real-time emails to you. Most of the time, we’ll continue to send one daily update with any new blog posts. In the case of anything trading-related or time-sensitive, you’ll receive an immediate email notification.

The December letter will be out at the end of this week. I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Hanukkah (last week), a Merry Christmas (next week), and a Happy Holiday Season (ongoing). A Happy New Year to all of you, and we’ll be ready to deal with any market conditions, good or bad, starting in January.

Thank you,

Gary Brode

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