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Recent and Upcoming Media Appearances

It’s been a busy few weeks for speaking engagements.  For those of you who aren’t tired of the sound of my voice, here are links to some recent and upcoming events.  Everything being discussed is fully explored first in the premium posts on this site, but everyone learns differently.  I like to read.  However, most people learn better by watching or listening.  These interviews will help you get a better sense of DKI thinking…

Yesterday, I had the privilege of joining Michael Gayed of Toroso on his Twitter Space titled “Lead-Lag Live:  The Japan Default Looms w/Gary Brode“. We discussed the possibility of a Japanese sovereign debt default, Bitcoin, inflation, interest rates, and cracking government budgets (here and in Japan), and investment styles (our preference is to remain flexible and adaptable).

Also yesterday, I had an intense conversation with Mark Rossano on Energy and Inflation. Mark and I also have a tendency to include food shortages as well as concerns about energy infrastructure in our discussions.  For those who care about these issues, DKI premium subscribers have access to our thoughts on energy investing.

Last month, I had the pleasure of addressing the New York Alternative Investment Roundtable (also with Mark Rossano) to talk about “Financial Forecasting – How Economic & Geopolitical Factors Will Impact Alternatives“.  It was an intense and entertaining discussion covering inflation, food, interest rates, energy, the markets, and geopolitics.

Just released today, I was a return guest on Phil Muscatello’s “Stocks for Beginners” to talk about “Energy, Debt, and Currencies“.  In addition to the named topics, we talked about the importance of having confidence in our elections and about identifying great investment reasoning from the people who are good at talking.

In addition, I’m going to be a guest on OpenExchange TV this upcoming Monday at 8:30am.  I’ll have arrived in Thailand just the day before so if you want to hear me talking about stocks and the market 12 hours jet-lagged, this is your opportunity.

I’d like to thank Michael Gayed, the NY Alt Investment Roundtable, Stocks for Beginners, and OpenExchange TV (with hosts Scott Duxbury and Mehdi Sunderji) for sharing their platforms with me and for ensuring we have great on-topic conversations.  I’d also like to thank Mark Rossano for being a fantastic, funny, and fun sparing partner on a variety of challenging topics.


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