Depth Check – HCA Healthcare, Inc. (HCA) 4th Quarter Earnings – Thesis Confirmed

Overview: In August, we recommended HCA Healthcare, Inc. (HCA) stock in a piece titled “Heads I win – Tails I win”. We wrote, “we see a stock that has been hit by Covid-19 concerns, and which is in a good position to have improving fundamental performance regardless of what happens with the virus.” In October, … Read more

Depth Check – HCA Healthcare, Inc. (HCA)Probably Correct About the ACA – Stock Up

Overview: When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in September, there was speculation that a conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett was the leading candidate to be elevated to fill the Supreme Court opening. This would cause concern that a more conservative court would declare the Affordable Care Act (known as the ACA or Obamacare) to be … Read more

Dive into the Cruise Line Industry with Gary Brode

TERRA STORIES Impact Investing Series, EP. 1

Please join us for our premier episode as Terra Founder Tony Saxton interviews Gary Brode of Deep Knowledge Investing. Our discussion this week focuses on the sustainable efforts (and some failures) within the Cruise Line Industry. To join the discussion and participate in our program, follow us on LinkedIn for our recording schedule announcements. Please reach out to us at for questions, comments or suggestions for topics. Hosts: Gary Brode, Paul Savoldelli Producers: Ann Volkwein Editor: Eliot Korb

Brand new SumZero Headlines podcast with Gary Brode on HCA Healthcare

The SumZero Headlines Podcast is back with a new episode on the #hospital industry. This week, we sat down with Gary Brode of Deep Knowledge Investing to unpack his HCA Healthcare thesis and explain the combined impact of #COVID19 and imminent changes to the #supremecourt and #affordablecareact on the business. We also touch on changes … Read more

Casino Gaming – The Pace of Recovery

Please join Gary Brode of Deep Knowledge Investing and Howard Jay Klein, 30-year C-level gaming executive, member of the Deep Knowledge Investing Board of Advisors, and author of The House Edge, for an in-depth conversation covering the casino gaming space including Covid-19 restrictions, the pace of recovery in the US, Macau, and Singapore, and developments in Japan.

Howard discusses some new consumer research out of China regarding the conditions gamblers in Macau need to see before they feel comfortable entering a casino. This information has never been discussed in a public forum prior to this call.

Depth Check – HCA Healthcare, Inc. (HCA) – Heads and Tails – Even Better Than We Thought

Overview: In August, we published a piece recommending HCA Healthcare (ticker: HCA). We noted that the stock had traded down in the first quarter on fears that suspension of high-margin elective surgeries to focus solely on Covid-19 patients would result in terrible financial performance. When we published the piece, we believed the stock was trading … Read more

The Depth Report – HCA Healthcare, Inc. (HCA) – Heads I win – Tails I win

Overview: On February 24, 2020, we published Net Short explaining that we had gone short against the market due to concerns about the coronavirus. Over the next 3 weeks, we wrote 3 additional pieces (here, here, and here) reiterating and amplifying our bearish position. During that period, the market fell 29%. More recently, we have … Read more