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5 Things to Know in Investing This Week – March 17th, 2023

The Everyone Fails Again Version Bank failures, bank depositor bailouts, forced bank bailouts, CFOs who can’t evaluate risk, and bank risk managers who aren’t even trying to do their jobs. It’s the 5 Things to Know – Failure Edition! DKI continues to applaud intern, Dylan Kogan, who again makes a strong contribution to this week’s … Read more

Does Anyone Do Their Job – It’s 2008 All Over Again

This post originally appeared on March 13, 2023 Introduction: Over the past few days, we’ve seen the failure of Silicon Valley Bank ($SIVB) and Signature Bank ($SBNY) as well as a government decision to bail out the deposit accounts with more than $250K. That’s in excess of FDIC regulations and was described by officials as … Read more

DKI’s Miss With Silicon Valley Bancorp and Mark to Market

This post originally appeared on March 10, 2023 Introduction: The financial world has spent the last few days captivated by the slow-motion implosion of Silicon Valley Bancorp (ticker: $SIVB). A couple of years ago, some well-meaning colleagues suggested SIVB as a potential long idea for DKI. The thesis was that while you had to pay … Read more

Higher for Longer – Plus Faster

This post originally appeared on March 7, 2023 This morning Jerome Powell spoke in front of Congress, and added to his usual talking points that the Federal Reserve would keep rates higher for longer. Today, noting the strong economic growth and low unemployment, Powell added that the Fed might accelerate rate increases. People have been … Read more

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