Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami

Hi All,

I’m heading to Miami tomorrow for the Bitcoin 2022 conference.  Michael Bucella, Partner at BlockTower, who did a webinar with Deep Knowledge Investing last summer will be there as well as Anthony Pompliano who helped publicize our white paper on Bitcoin.  It should be a fantastic opportunity to learn a lot in four days.  Given our often-expressed concern about the dollar and the actions of the US Federal Reserve, we think staying on top of what’s happening in the cryptocurrency world is more important now than ever.

If any of you have specific questions, feel free to reach out at  It’s likely that I’ll meet multiple people there with answers.  And a special thanks to the team at TradeZing for the Industry Level Pass.  TradeZing is a new financial information platform and we’re going to be working with them on new content.

In honor of the event, we’re republishing our white paper refuting Nassim Taleb’s assertion that Bitcoin is worth zero.  We still respect and admire Mr. Taleb, and still disagree with his reasoning on this particular point.  The PDF is attached here, and we link to Mr. Taleb’s original piece.  Please go read his work as well and let us know who you think has the better end of this discussion (and if you think it’s him, let us know what you think we got wrong).

In Which We Tempt Fate by Disagreeing With Nassim Nicholas Taleb Regarding Bitcoin

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