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Webinar on the EV Industry Wednesday, July 20th at 12 Eastern Time

Looking forward to a fascinating conversation on Wednesday, July 20th at 12 eastern time with Laks Ganapathi. She’s an ESG investor with concerns about the future of the EV industry. Register: We’ll address: Critical challenges that are holding EV’s back? What can we do to move batteries to be less expensive and not as difficult … Read more

CPI Hits 9.1% and Somehow People Are Still Surprised

Today’s announcement that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) hit 9.1% was so severe that there is now credible speculation that the Federal Reserve will raise the fed funds rate by 1.00% instead of the planned .75% which would still represent a huge increase.  We warned that inflation was large, understated, a huge problem, and not … Read more

Euro / Dollar Parity – What Does it Mean for You?

Overview: For the first time in almost 20 years, you can buy a euro for one dollar.  As little as a year ago, a Euro cost about $1.19.  In foreign exchange markets, that’s a huge move in a year.  Here’s the chart: We first wrote about the stronger dollar vs other currencies two months ago, … Read more

Hospital Research Call

Just spoke with a hospital CEO through Stream Research Group. He thinks total hospital wages are up 10% – 15% and payroll is about 40% – 60% of expenses. Hospitals are only getting 2% price increases so margins are compressed or turning negative System is going towards a few large chains, higher costs, and longer … Read more

Deep Knowledge Investing in Inside Asian Gaming

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve read Inside Asian Gaming every night for the past 8 years.  It’s the best publication available to keep up with the largest gaming market in the world.  Today, we’re pleased to announce that Deep Knowledge Investing has its own mention in the Macau Gaming paper of record. Please check out … Read more

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