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Does Anyone Do Their Job – It’s 2008 All Over Again

This post originally appeared on March 13, 2023 Introduction: Over the past few days, we’ve seen the failure of Silicon Valley Bank ($SIVB) and Signature Bank ($SBNY) as well as a government decision to bail out the deposit accounts with more than $250K. That’s in excess of FDIC regulations and was described by officials as … Read more

DKI’s Miss With Silicon Valley Bancorp and Mark to Market

This post originally appeared on March 10, 2023 Introduction: The financial world has spent the last few days captivated by the slow-motion implosion of Silicon Valley Bancorp (ticker: $SIVB). A couple of years ago, some well-meaning colleagues suggested SIVB as a potential long idea for DKI. The thesis was that while you had to pay … Read more

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