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5 Things to Know in Investing This Week – The Freedom Issue

While Americans are focused on our own coming (and just passed) elections, Argentina had a monumental event. Using national ID and paper ballots, they were able to get votes counted the same night and found that a small-government capitalist in favor of sound money had won a huge and shocking victory. Here in the US, … Read more

Active vs Passive Investing – Fight!

This post originally appeared on February 27, 2023 Panel Introduction: I was fortunate enough to be one of the speakers at last week’s Strategic Investment Symposium at the College of Charleston. Mark Pyles is running a fantastic program there and the students I met are being well-prepared. My segment was called “Products vs Ingredients” and … Read more

The Depth Report – A Better Way to Think About Trading and Investing

Introduction: I got a great question from a new subscriber last week.  He wanted to know if I thought he should buy the stocks currently on the DKI recommended list, or if some of the positions that had big profits should be considered a “hold”.  It’s common for large investment firms to hire performance psychologists.  … Read more

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