Political lobbying, regulation, and stock market returns – Part 2

Please join us for part two of a two-part discussion on the intersection between regulation and investing returns. We’ll be talking with political operative/consultant/lobbyist, Joe Jarabek on the following legislative and regulatory topics:

Covered in part 1: (available here: https://www.deepknowledgeinvesting.com/post/political-lobbying-regulation-and-stock-market-returns-part-1)
• Cryptocurrencies – How the industry looks at/participates in regulation
• Infrastructure Bill – How to dissect it and what to look for moving forward

Covered in part 2:
• Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – New regulation and the impact on alternative finance
• Cannabis – Can banking legislation prevent this industry from growing

Joe Jarabek is the President of Jarabek & Company, a global governmental and business advisory, which he founded in 2009. His firm works with both legislative and executive branches of government. Joe has over 20 years of experience as a political and business liaison at the state and national level. He is a former senior staff member on Presidential races, Joe has officially represented the United States at foreign diplomatic events and has been on the road with party nominees dating back to 1999. National publications including the Washington Post have referenced and quoted him as an expert opinion.

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