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Gary Brode of Deep Knowledge Investing Interviews Dr. David Glancy of the IWP on Economic Statecraft

A timely conversation on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022 at 12 Eastern Time with Dr. David Glancy, Professor of Strategy, Statecraft, and International Communication at the Institute for World Politics. We cover:

1) The elements of economic statecraft (macroeconomic policy, trade, investment policy, energy/national resources, aid, sanctions, cyber).

2) Some historic examples of U.S. use of economic statecraft.

3) The importance of economic statecraft in the current geopolitical environment.

4) How states like China and Russia are/have used economic statecraft to further their national interests in recent times.

5) How U.S. policymakers can more effectively use economic statecraft.

Dr. Glancy teaches courses on Economic Statecraft, Political Warfare, and Forecasting and Political Risk Analysis, and Propaganda at IWP.

Prior to joining IWP, Dr. Glancy was a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton where he primarily assisted government clients with strategic communications issues. While at Booz Allen, Dr. Glancy also taught at the College of International Security Affairs at National Defense University as a contractor. Dr. Glancy served as a Senior Advisor for Political-Military Affairs at the Department of State where he dealt with a multitude of transnational and multiregional policy issues and as a Director and Special Assistant with the Department of Defense. He has also done political risk consulting for private sector clients.

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