Brand new SumZero Headlines podcast with Gary Brode on HCA Healthcare

The SumZero Headlines Podcast is back with a new episode on the #hospital industry.

This week, we sat down with Gary Brode of Deep Knowledge Investing to unpack his HCA Healthcare thesis and explain the combined impact of #COVID19 and imminent changes to the #supremecourt and #affordablecareact on the business.

We also touch on changes to the Supreme Court and the future of the Affordable Care Act as another catalyst to HCA:

“[California v. Texas] is going to be heard at the Supreme Court in November. We think that once there’s clarity on the severability of the individual mandate, that will be a further lift to the stock.”

Stream the episode now on Anchor or Spotify. Please refer to Gary Brode’s HCA report and others on SumZero and reach out to the SumZero Team for a warm introduction.

Podcast available here:–COVID-19–and-the-Supreme-Court-ele2b2

#healthcare #healthinsurance

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