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Hi All,

I’ve been getting some excellent questions from subscribers. Besides being smart questions, they help me understand what has your focus and where you want and need more help. I’ve also heard from some that they don’t understand everything I write here.

I have two jobs. The first one is to come up with asymmetrical investment ideas where the probability of a large gain is much higher than the probability of a big loss. I’m focused on helping our subscribers earn higher risk-adjusted returns. Nothing at DKI will ever come ahead of that goal.

My second job is to explain ideas on investing, the markets, and the economy to you in a way that makes sense to you. If you read a DKI post, and don’t understand it, that means I didn’t do my job well enough. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to know what concepts readers already understand and what needs more explanation.

If you’re confused by a post here, just ping me at I always do my best to respond quickly and clearly, and when I think questions are shared by many, I often turn my responses into blog posts for everyone.

I’ve also gotten some very nice notes from subscribers when a post has helped them understand a complicated topic in a way they don’t see in the popular press, or from people happy they’ve made money from our stock picks. Those are always welcome as well. Your constructive criticism and comments are also welcome. I’ve used them to improve the site and to keep long-term subscribers happy. When we can fix a problem, we always do so.

On a separate note, we’ll be releasing a long-form piece on counter-intuitive inflation in the next week. Keep an eye out for it.

Finally, DKI will be starting an affiliate program soon. If you refer a new subscriber, we’ll give you credit for a free month of DKI premium. Working out the back-office tracking system now. But if you have friends who’d value what we’re doing, an introduction would be great for them, for you, and for DKI. More details on this program soon. As a reminder, our monthly letter and the weekly 5 Things are released in public, so you’re always welcome to forward them to potentially interested people.



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