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DKI's RIA Equitable Growth Program

DKI RIAs offer more than a middle-of-the-road suite of mutual funds. Our clients offer something new designed to OUTPERFORM the market.

What Are the Problems?

We’re facing inflation, slowing economic growth, supply chain issues, and rising volatility and uncertainty. DKI assists you in guiding your clients through a challenging environment.

What Is DKI’s RIA Equitable Growth Plan?

The RIA Equitable Growth Plan helps you creatively offer value-added product to your clients, and ensures that you are NEVER out of pocket on the new effort. DKI is a partner to help you grow your business – NEVER a “cost”.

See the Value Our RIA Clients Receive

Frequently Asked Questions?

When DKI ideas are not approved by compliance, we work with the advisor to try to find alternative ways to get exposure to the same investment theme within firm regulations.
The RIA reaches out to clients who they think would have interest, and if the client agrees, allocates a small percentage of current equity exposure (around 10% – 20% at your shared discretion), and invests in the DKI-generated ideas in an attempt to outperform the market.

The RIA charges a supplemental fee on this equity sliver. (In certain cases, 1% of assets in the mini-portfolio).

DKI hosts a webinar with the RIA to introduce the idea to clients. The webinar can be recorded so that the RIA can use it in future marketing efforts. DKI also partners with Flying V Group, an award-winning digital marketing agency, to provide support and consultation to RIA’s. Flying V Group has worked with RIAs like AdvicePeriod and is currently a recommended content vendor for John Hancock Investment Management.
The RIA has the right to pass on DKI research to the end client.

RIA’s can offer the following:

  • Carve out portfolio
  • Forward written work to your clients
  • Invite your clients to join our webinars with DKI Board Members

You provide the value directly to your clients. DKI does not EVER take your proprietary client information. 

For RIAs who want to ensure that this strategy helps them become more profitable from day one, DKI offers a plan where we share incremental revenue with the advisor.

Many RIAs don’t even try to outperform for their clients and instead either index everything, or own so many mutual funds that they’re closet indexing (but with fees). Do you want to help your clients outperform? This is the type of RIA we want to work with.

The difference between outperforming and underperforming is a few good ideas a year that you can overweight. What would better performance do for your client retention and referrals?

Access to the best of the best. Check out our Board of Advisors and see the direct access we have to industry experts. We’ve done webinars with members of our Board of Advisors on the following:
  1. Ukraine/Russia with an Advisor who worked at the State Department and The Hague.
  2. The 2020 election with an Advisor who worked in the Oval Office for both President Obama and President Trump.
  3. The Biden tax plan with an Advisor who ran a division of the IRS.
  4. The recent market rise on bad economic news with an Advisor who’s a fellow 30-year hedge fund veteran who correctly noted that the divergent performance was a short-term trading issue.
  5. Would you like to offer your clients access to events like these though your firm?

Experience. Check out Gary’s bio.

Be sure to check out our performance page. Deep Knowledge Investing provides conflict-free investing ideas that have outperformed the market. We’ve had clients in positions like HCA which more than doubled in a year and HMHC which was up more than 4x in 13 months.

  1. We advised clients to short the market (or lighten exposure) in February of 2020 ahead of the Covid shutdowns and again in January of 2022 as the Fed began rate hikes.
  2. We showed clients how to hedge for inflation in November of 2021 when Chairman Powell was still saying inflation was “transitory”.
  3. We called stagflation and a slowdown in the real estate market in February of 2022 months ahead of Wall Street sell-side researchers.

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